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Monday, 16 September 2019 Posted under Pregnancy

Changes in the Breast during the Third Trimester

Changes in the Breast during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

 The third trimester is the last leg of the pregnancy. This period hosts the maximum change and growth within the mother's body. The maximum amount of growth of the baby takes place at this time, which obviously means that the mother's body will have to accommodate a fair amount of change.

3 major changes which occur in the mother's breasts are as follows:

1) Your nipples may change shape. They may become larger and more pronounced. They may darken even further. All these are changes to ease into the feeding process.

2) Breast soreness and heaviness. Soreness and Heaviness in  the breast are very common at this time and it is important for the mom to take extra care at this time. You must wear bras that are your size and not do any strenuous exercise which may damage the muscles or ligaments of the breast.

3) Leaking of Colostrum. This is fairly common closer to the date of delivery. It is completely normal.