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Saturday, 07 September 2019 Posted under Pregnancy

5 Changes in the Breast during the first trimester

5 Changes in the Breast during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a huge change in a woman's body. The initial weeks may not allow too much visible manifestation but internally a woman's system goes through a series of changes. These changes are not just restricted to the baby's growth but also occur in the breasts. This is because the breasts start preparing to feed the young one much before it's arrival, in fact right from conception. Some of the changes which you can expect in this initial phase are listed below:

1) The increased appearance of veins on the breast. The mother's body starts producing larger volumes of blood after conception. This can show up as darker, bluer and more prominent veins. It is a completely natural occurrence.

2) Breast sensitivity and tenderness may develop or increase. Due to a huge hormonal shift, the pregnant woman's breast may feel sore or tender as early as the first couple of weeks post conception. In fact this is sometimes regarded as an 'initial symptom' of pregnancy. The soreness can last for weeks or days or even right up to delivery, it varies from individual to individual. However in most cases, it tends to subside by the end of the first trimester itself.

3) Increase in Breast Size. Breast size increases substantially by the end of the pregnancy due to hormonal changes. This change in size varies from person to person. Also the growth rate differs from person to person. Some women may experience swollen breasts very initially and others may only see changes much later.

4) Darkening of the nipples and areola. Nipples may even become larger at this time. Physiologically this change can be attributed to the surge in hormones which causes an increase in melanin in the areola and nipples. It is also believed that nipples darkening is an evolutionary process to aid the baby to spot them as their eyesight is weak at birth.

5) The appearance of Montgomery's Tubercles. These appear as bumps on nipples. They are actually sebaceous glands which have a vital function of producing oils in order to lubricate the nipples and protect the area from germs.