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Friday, 13 September 2019 Posted under Pregnancy

5 Tips on how to prepare for Successful Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

5 Tips on how to prepare for Successful Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

Breastfeeding is supposed to be a completely natural process but it too comes with it's own set of challenges and hurdles.  It is not only physically taxing but also mentally overwhelming. Therefore for an already emotionally charged up new mom it can be all too much to take in. It is always best to be well informed as well as mentally and physically prepared for the process. Pregnancy is the best time to educate and prepare oneself for the months to come. Listed below are some easy to follow tips on how mommies to be can best prepare themselves for this process.

1) Gather as much information as possible. Knowledge is power, therefore read up as much as possible about the process of lactation and breastfeeding. Talk to your Doctor and Lactation Consultant as they can give you plenty of information on the subject and what you should expect. They will be able to provide you reliable data available offline as well as online.

2) Don't be afraid to ask questions. Your Doctor and Lactation Consultant will be happy to guide you and provide you answers to all your questions regarding breastfeeding and lactation. Talk to your friends and peers who have given birth and know about their experiences. Of course this can at times backfire as people love to share their horror stories with others, but you can always go back and get a professional opinion on the problems and obstacles that they faced.

3) Get a Breast Examination done. Your Lactation Consultant or gynecologist can help you with this. Sometimes women have flat/ inverted, nipples or have gone through some breast procedure in the past, or maybe some anatomical anomaly which may hinder the process of breastfeeding. Prevention is always better than cure, therefore to be well informed and prepared about one's physical condition definitely gives one a head start in the entire process. Some mothers may need to invest in some equipment to assist them in the process. And it is always better to be prepared in advance rather than scramble and struggle.

4) Find breastfeeding support. Apart from professional support in the form of your doctors and lactation consultants, you can also join a support group in your community or area. Whatsapp is a great medium of communication and in today's day and age there are plenty of 'mom groups' on whatsapp where women meet for play dates with kids, share day to day issues and anecdotes and help solve each others problems and dilemmas. Breastfeeding is as much an emotional and psychological experience as much as it is physical. Therefore to find people who are going through similar experiences really helps a new or expectant mom who may otherwise feel isolated. Apart from whatsapp social groups there are plenty of public and online forums for moms and moms to be where they can post queries and receive advise ad support from mothers across the globe.

5) Purchase Breastfeeding Equipment. This completely depends on one's lifestyle and also the result of one's breast examination. Some mothers need to invest in breast care equipment such as creams, pullers, shields, pumps from before but others realize their needs post delivery. It is always better to invest in the essentials pre-delivery so that there is less stress post delivery. One can find out abut different breast pumps and your lactation consultant can guide you as to which one to purchase as per your need. Nowadays mothers like to buy feeding pillows, though not an essential but it surely provides much needed back and arm support. It also makes sense to buy feeding bras, breast pads so one is well stocked and stress free when the baby arrives.