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Tuesday, 20 August 2019 Posted under Breast Feeding

6 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

6 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

Modesty of a woman is a big deal across the globe, especially in Indian society. Female breasts have always been treated as sex objects and to expose them in public is a major taboo. Fortunately the world is progressing and so is our thought process. Breastfeeding is a completely natural and most normal phenomena. There is absolutely nothing sexual about it. All mammals suckle their young ones and homo sapiens are no different. Therefore we as women of today do not need to lock ourselves away while breastfeeding. It is a perfectly healthy practice for women to breastfeed whenever, wherever. However, not all of us are familiar with the process and may feel uncomfortable initially. Listed below are few tips which may help you breastfeed comfortably and without a thought in public places.

1) Be confident. Breastfeeding publicly is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it. Don't allow anyone else to make you feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. It is your right. There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby in public, in fact on the contrary there is everything wrong with the person who has a problem with it.

2) Buy a Nursing Cover. Nursing covers have become extremely popular for women who need to be on the go with their babies. They look similar to aprons, but some of them have a stiff rim so mothers can easily keep an eye on their little ones. These covers are commonly available in malls and stores, in a variety of designs and colours and make cute accessories along with being extremely convenient. The mother simply needs to put it on before exposing her breast and attaching the baby. It is the easiest and most sure shot way of not facing embarrassment in public.

3) Invest in a Feeding Bra. Feeding bras are extremely convenient. They offer ample support for breasts along with a clasp which allows a small opening which gives the baby enough room to latch on to the nipple. The opening is wide enough for the baby to latch and feed but not enough to cause any public embarrassment. Also it is pretty fuss free.

4) Nursing Clothes. Today's day and age comes with many perks and privileges for new moms which makes life so much easier and more convenient. Nursing clothes are easily available in the market as well as online. They come with convenient windows, which mothers can simply adjust while feeding without the risk of any skin show. Otherwise too one can simply wear front open garments. You just need to unbutton the first couple of buttons or hooks and feed the baby. The baby itself acts like a cover, and if you are awkward you can always cover yourself using a sheet or a nursing cover.

5) Be discreet while establishing the Latch. The period when you unbutton and bring the baby to your breast is the maximum 'risk' time in terms of exposure. Therefore be discreet at this time, use a piece of cloth or some kind of cover or simply turn away while establishing the latch.

6) Choose a comfortable spot. Choose a place which offers back support. Breastfeeding is tiring and to sit without support can be very painful. Make sure you sit in a comfortable place which offers back and preferable even arm support. Choose a spot where you feel comfortable, away from too many prying eyes. If you can find a booth in a restaurant or changing rooms in malls or even a slightly deserted spot in the park.