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About Ankita Malik

I am a mother and a homemaker. I got into the field of lactation when I had issues of my own post delivery and I realized that how much awareness was lacking. Breastfeeding journeys can be so different when one makes educated decisions. Gynecologists and other health care providers have started including lactation counseling post delivery, at the mother’s bedside as a mandatory practice abroad, but this is fairly new in India.

With the support and guidance of my doctor I was able to do so too. I provide support both pre and post delivery with the objective that the mother makes independent and informed decisions about breastfeeding, resulting in a physically as well as psychologically fulfilling relationship between the infant and the mother. Several problems and complications may come to pass during this journey; I provide support during these times as well. India is a country where family as a unit plays a huge role in influencing the mother’s journey, so I provide sessions to families as well.