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I am a mother and a homemaker. I got into the field of lactation when I had issues of my own post delivery and I realized that how much awareness was lacking. Breastfeeding journeys can be so different when one makes educated decisions. Gynecologists and other health care providers have started including lactation counseling post delivery, at the mother’s bedside as a mandatory practice abroad, but this is fairly new in India.

With the support and guidance of my doctor I was able to do so too. I provide support both pre and post delivery with the objective that the mother makes independent and informed decisions about breastfeeding, resulting in a physically as well as psychologically fulfilling relationship between the infant and the mother. Several problems and complications may come to pass during this journey; I provide support during these times as well. India is a country where family as a unit plays a huge role in influencing the mother’s journey, so I provide sessions to families as well.

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Why Lactation Specialist?

Breast feeding is supposed to be a beautiful phase of every mother’s life. However it doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Enhance your experience of motherhood with a smooth and stress free breastfeeding journey. Make educated and informed decisions in terms of breastfeeding and taking care of your little one.

Breastfeeding Support

Receive scientific guidance on breast feeding, in a manner which provides maximum satisfaction to both mother and child.

Solve Lactation Issues

Solve milk supply issues, engorgement and other problems related to breastfeeding and lactation.

Nutrition Strategies

Receive information on foods which assist in the process of lactation and foods which hinder it. Receive support to make your own personalized diet plan to provide maximum nutritional support to the mother as well as the child.

Emotional Support

Motherhood and breastfeeding can take an emotional toll on a new mom. With a new little baby with a mind of its own, fluctuating hormones and family pressure, one may need one on one counselling to overcome these challenges and to prevent postpartum depression.

Guidance to Families

In Indian society, families play a vital role in our lives. Therefore providing guidance to families is as important as education mothers.


Breastfeeding is a very private experience and we ensure that we maintain complete secrecy throughout.


{ is the journey of the self | through the self | to the self }

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice and is practiced in the form of exercises in a particular sequence of different asanas or postures. It is highly beneficial to practice it and is extremely therapeutic. Over the years, though the basics remain the same, the sequences and asanas have been modified by various schools of practice which have resulted in something for everyone. The best part about this practice is that it focuses on all-rounded wellness. It includes exercises which focuses on breathing, muscle stimulation as well as meditation. Therefore, it has a 360-degree approach towards wellness and practitioners refer to Yoga as, a way of life.

I strongly believe in the 'Yoga way of life' and try to implement it as far as possible in mine. I have been practicing it regularly for several years and have been enjoying its benefits.
Yoga is highly recommended for women during pregnancy as well as postpartum as it not only stimulates muscles and ligaments but also the internal organs to function better. It is completely safe as long as one has a trained professional to supervise. Pregnancy may come with several complications as well. Yoga is not only safe but there are asanas and breathing practices which may even help to resolve problems during pregnancy.

I am a Prenatal Yoga Instructor, certified from Real Yoga Singapore. I am proud to say that my team and I have developed a strong network of Yoga instructors who are equipped to handle a large spectrum of specialized yoga practices.

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  • I've known Ankita as a social friend for quite a while but I officially got to know her when she came as my lactation consultant to neotia.. this being my second delivery and i thought I knew everything about breast feeding having fed my first child too but I was wrong. Ankita enlightened me with so many key factors most important one being eating right.. she always stressed on the fact to do what makes me happy and to stay relaxed and thanks to that I'm really enjoying feeding vs being stressed.. The one thing I love about her is that she believes that we are together in this journey and I can always bank on her to guide me whenever I need her... She's a must go to person for every mother who wants to enjoy feeding without compromising on Ur taste buds, health, me time and sanity.

    Sneha Jhunjhunwala
  • I came to know regarding Ankita Mallik after my second baby was delivered. She was of great help to me by way of clarity on breastfeeding, done with lot of calmness. Whenever I have any questions she's easily approachable, to which she even responds quite quickly. She has also helped plan a balanced diet which is appropriate for mother's like me. I am pretty happy with her help and would highly recommend anyone to approach her for your queries or problems.

    Neha Mehra
  • As a first time mother, the whole world of breastfeeding sounded bizarre and strange to me. And i was struggling the initial few days. Ankita calmly handled all my issues, answered all my questions. Taught me the proper technique of latching and the most important thing she made me understand was to relax. A happy mother equals a happy child was her mantra. She suggested a healthy diet and the dos and donts of breastfeeding. Its safe to say that its because of her i actually enjoyed my journey of a new mom.

    Nikita Singhal
  • I have no words to express how deeply grateful I am to Ankita for being with me during my birth and breastfeeding experience. It was All thanks to her guidance and support that I was able to enjoy breastfeeding my son. Her dietary recommendations during my lactation period really helped me.

    Pooja Khattar
  • I am indebted to Ankita for all the help she gave me to establish my breastfeeding journey. I was having a lot of problems and Ankita would address all my concerns so patiently. I remember calling and messaging her at odd hours. She would reply so warmly never making me feel like pest (trust me I behaved like one)! Her thorough subject knowledge coupled with her very approachable and friendly nature makes her the go to person for all lactation issues! I’m so glad I found her at the right time.

    Sunita Modi
  • Being a first time mom, everything was so overwhelming for me as I had very little knowledge about feeding. She helped me in every step and was easily approachable all the time. She’s an experienced counsellor who has full knowledge about breast feeding and it’s related issues. Bf was a big challenge for me and she guided me in every step.
    Thank you ankita for helping me in this beautiful journey.

    Himani Nahata
  • She is very cooperative and very passionate to my patients. I am really impressed the way she helps the new mothers for promoting lactation. I think she is a blessing for new mothers.

    Dr. Santanu Ray
  • Ankita patiently heard all my queries and responded to each one of them to my satisfaction. In fact she followed up constantly with me to see how I was doing after the consultation. She has a good knowledge of her area of expertise and I would definitely recommend her.

    Amita Bhuwalka
  • Ankita is a hands on councillor with good knowledge of her domain. She has always been extremely responsive to our queries and gives meaningful insights in baby raising techniques. So, Thank You Ankita for always being just a call away for us. Keep Shining.

    Sunny Agarwal
  • Ankita was a big help. I had so many doubts and questions about breast feeding. Just one meeting all my doubts were cleared. She is very sweet and knowledgeable.i don't have sore breast anymore, that's a huge relief. My baby seems to enjoy his feeding time.I recommend everyone who is having issues with breastfeeding to meet Ankita.

    Samidha Chettri
  • Meeting Ankita during my lactation period was a blessing. She helped me during the most trying phase of life for me and I sailed through it with the least amount of trouble . She helped me with proper latching techniques, feeding schedules, maintaining a good and healthy diet for myself and now for the baby as well. She supported me both physically and mentally and as you can ask any pregnant and lactating woman mental support is the most important thing and ankita was a saviour, always just a call away, extremely approachable and responsive. Thank you Ankita for being there.

    Kumud Beriwal
  • Ankita has been of utmost help to me to understand breast feeding to start with! As new mothers we are often confused about the latching, the position to feed in, if we are doing it right - from the start she has guided me about lactating, breast feeding,diet..and answered innumerable questions of mine without any judgement or irritation. its not just about her expertise but also her patience that is a virtue i really admire. Its commendable- the way she cares for her patients and takes a lot of efforts to encourage and guide them.
    I highly recommend Ankita as a lactation consultant. Thanks for all your help and your sweet nature of always being there whenever I have had doubts and questions.

    Abhilasha Shaw
  • My experience with Ankita Maam has been so wonderful..she is the most comforting person to talk to and always made me feel good about myself as a mother! The best part is that she was always available at any time of the day and was most patient with me. Thank you ma’am!

    Anisha Keyal
  • Ankita's guidance has greatly helped me during the feeding phase. She is extremely approachable and one wouldn't have to hesitate to discuss any issues or put forth their queries to her. Would highly recommend her.

    Shrutika Daga
  • I met Ankita after the birth of my 2nd one. Having exclusively fed my older one for 6 months I was pretty confident this time too. But not everything was same this time. I contacted her after 3 months, seeking advice because I felt I needed to supplement with top feed. Thanks to her pep talk and the confidence she gave me.. 2 months hence i’m still exclusively feeding. I was sure to have given up had it not been for her. She made me believe I was making enough and now I’m confident I am. Thanks a tonne Ankita. You sure were of great help 😊

    Rakshita Virmani
  • I met Ankita soon after I delivered at the hospital when I had so many questions about my feeding journey. She helped me with all my queries and guided me very well around it. Even later she kept in touch through WhatsApp and always helped when I had issues. I would highly recommend Ankita to all new mothers with feeding issues and even otherwise for a well guided breast feeding journey.

    Devina Goenka
  • My guiding light during the most challenging phase of my life. Thank you for being with me through this journey. You really made a difference.

    Kanok Bala
  • Your advice and guidance helped me think through my situation. Thank you.
    Thank you for your encouragement during this difficult time.

    Seema Chharia
  • Breastfeeding is not an easy job for new mothers but Ankita made it so easy... she was of great help to me... really explains so well.. makes u feel better when one is not able to handle this ...she made things easier... I was overwhelmed when she herself calls up and asks u how things r going..that was really very sweet of her... ready to help anytime....a beautiful lactational with great knowledge who makes ur journey of motherhood smooth....thanks Ankita for being there.

    Milky Jain
  • She is very good in her work, handled my issue very well.

    Gunjan Jain
  • I still remember the day when i was struggling to feed both my babies. I was so scared that day even the nurses was not able to guide me properly and that is the day when we first meet i will always be thankful to you because of ur guidence i was able to take care of both my babies with greater confidence and ease.
    Thank you

    Aditi Jalan
  • Ankita is a very patient and an excellent councillor, she gave very sound and helpful advise when we had our baby boy .

    Viraj Oberoi: Elgin Hotels & Resorts - Director
  • My lactation counsillor.. she guides d best like a family member..vry understanding..

    Pratibha Dugar
  • She's great!!👍🏼

    Priyanka Bhowmick
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